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Behind the Scenes Photos

  • WVU Facilities and Services employees replace a chandelier bulb in the Wise Library reading room foyer.

  • Members of the University Choir in front of Woodburn Hall.

  • Members of the University Choir in the Stewart Hall atrium.

  • The choral score for "Simple Gifts."

  • The crew sets up for a shot in front of the Pylons at the Health Sciences Center.

  • Scott Lituchy doing a dolly shot in the Stewart Hall atrium.

  • (L-R) Joe Webb, Scott Lituchy, Kelly Heasley, and Scott Wilkinson fine-tune a shot in front of the Pylons.

  • University Relations photographers Greg Ellis (left) and Brian Persinger in the Wise Library atrium.

  • (L-R) Kelly Heasley, Joel Brown, and Scott Wilkinson clown around with iPhone "candles" while Scott Lituchy checks lighting and framing during a chilly, late evening shoot in front of Woodburn Hall.

  • Producer Joe Webb discusses a scene with photographer Brian Persinger and lighting designer Hannah Maxwell in Wise Library.

  • Choir members wait patiently while the crew adjusts lighting for a shot in front of Woodburn Hall.

  • The production crew shooting from the second floor balcony in Stewart Hall.

  • Videographer Raymond Thompson in the Wise Library atrium.

  • Videographer Scott Lituchy checks a dolly shot in front of the choir.

  • Creative director Scott Wilkinson listens to the choir.

  • (L-R) Creative director Scott Wilkinson and videographers Scott Lituchy and Kelly Heasley discuss a shot.

  • Students in Wise Library drawn to the atrium windows by the beautiful sound of the choir.

  • The WVU Tartan was designed by graduate Maria Belcher while she was a student in the WVU Interior Design program.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to members of the University Choir who performed in the video, and their director, Dr. Jeffery Redding.

University Choir Members

Raymond Anderson
Devan Balaguer
Jason Brown
Madilyn Carothers
Christie Curley
Janine Ernsting
Taylor Evans
Brandon Foster
Konrad Geiser
Erin Handley
Spencer Hardesty
Ryan Keeling
Zoe Levine
Susanna Morris
Sarah Richards
Sabrina Ridenour
Joseph Hann Ryan
Aaron Scarberry
Kathryn Shepas
Faith Snyderman
Jake Springer
Dallas Wright

Thanks to the following students who recited the lyrics to “Simple Gifts” for the opening of the video:

Kevin Pierce
Kate Wilkinson
Andrew Sealy
Afsheen Misaghi
Joy Wang

Thanks to Joel Brown of University Events for his tireless help with planning the shoots and arranging the wardrobe for the choir.

Thanks also to Paul Kreider, Dean of the College of Creative Arts, for his support.

Thanks to Josh Williamson in the School of Theater and Dance for making Woodburn gold.

Thanks to Collegiate Tartan Apparel for providing the WVU Tartan scarves worn by choir members.

And finally, thanks to all the great people from WVU and Health Sciences Center Facilities Management for their assistance during production.